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RK S53APR conducted courses for amateur exam in their premises. CW is  no longer needed !!! For all information regarding the course, please  contact RK S53APR by e-mail: s53apr@gmail.com

My operator name is JANKO and surname KARLIN.

1992 I passed exam for E class. My first contact was YT3ANS on 2m ( Mirko Lindtner ) secretary of radio club S53APR.
In the month of November in Slovenia changed callsigns.
I changed YT3FON to S56FON and I´ve gone to another radio club.

1995 I passed exam for II class ( in Slovenia we have III, II and I classes ) and changed my callsign to S57FON. My first contact was on 3.5Mhz in CW mode 9A1BHI ( Peter ) from Dubrovnik ( Croatia ).

2007 I´ve got a new callsign S57JK from AKOS and in this year I´ve gone to new radioclub S53AJK.

2009 I´ve got membership number from EPC and this is #7936.

2012 I´ve got validation for ECHOLINK
which you may be doing amateur communications via computer.

2013 I returned to my first radioclub S53APR on Saveljska 50 in Ljubljana - Savlje, Slovenia.

2014 I became a member of the ARRL and LoTW users.

On the website QRZ.COM I activated the electronic logbook for the certification of unions.

On this E-mail address you can send me questions and wishes to establish contact with me.

2016 I was from the months of May also visible on QRZCQ web site.

At a frequency of 14.140 MHz (20m) SSB please contact me.

73 de S57JK

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